Saturday, 6 July 2013

Afternoon Delight - An Alternative Approach to Low Water

I wouldn't want you to think that I was all serious science and no fun: indeed I was young once, but the less said of my sins the better.  Anyway there's half I can't remember and the other half I'm incapable of repeating.

One of the great pleasures of our regular week at Tomatin is the broad mixture of old and young rods and families.  This makes for a lot of fun, especially if the fishing is rather slow.  For the young it offers the opportunity for some noisy partying, which is banished to the kitchen at the far end of the house in order to protect the oldies' sleep. 

In 2009 we arrived to find the river at zero low, where it had been for the previous 8 weeks.  The salmon were all stuck below the falls in the lower river unable to run upstream.  There were almost none in the Tomatin water.  We caught the odd fish by sheer fluke: I confess to a completely blank sheet for the week despite my usual early morning hyper activity.  After a few days realism and despair set in.  We slipped into easy torpor -  a bit of fishing to take in the hoped-for mid-morning peak, a little tennis, golf or tourism and a leisurely lunch in the unaccustomed sunshine - which suited the oldies very nicely.

The young thought otherwise and chose to distract themselves by making a YouTube film.  It's based on the song 'Afternoon Delight' that featured in the cult movie 'Anchorman', and represents their view of an alternative approach to low water.

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