Wednesday 3 October 2012


Welcome: this blog is dedicated to the thousands of people who as a result of the demands of work, family, time and money, have to cram their salmon fishing into Just One Week.  It provides a medium for the exchange of experience, knowledge and theories, and for their discussion in the hope that it will help us all have more fun and perhaps even catch more fish.

It's a blog for those of us who cannot afford or justify the expense of smart beats on premium rivers; trips to Russia, Iceland or Canada; investment in the finest equipment; and luxurious lodges with  flocks of hot and cold running Sloanie cooks to meet every demand.  Instead it's a blog all about getting the most out of every minute of that precious week and every pound spent in pursuing beautiful fish in great surroundings with like-minded people.

No one knows the answers.  No one can guarantee to catch salmon, even in seemingly perfect conditions.  If they did, they'd give up fishing because the magic would be gone.  The late, great Hugh Falkus, catcher of tens of thousands of fish and author of 'Salmon Fishing', arguably the best single volume work on the subject, was convinced that luck played the largest part in the whole business.  In his view, catching a fish that was not feeding was a fluke, and as a result there was no place for pomposity, certainty and excessive seriousness.  His recommendations for choosing a fly when undecided, paraphrased below, underline the point:

"If in doubt, put all your flies into your hat.  Close your eyes and stick your hand into the hat.  Use the fly that is most firmly stuck into your finger.  Just remember to take all the flies out of the hat and return them to  your box before you put the hat back on."

'Salmon Fishing' was first published in 1984 and went through 16 editions.  Sadly it has been out of print for some time, which is sad and surprising because the demand is strong.  Even worn copies fetch 5-6 times their cover price on Amazon and E-Bay.

This blog is dedicated to Hugh Falkus' memory and will endeavour to follow his qualities of free thinking and open mindedness.