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Salmon Behaviour

Taking a fly

Feeding impulses

Fast Food & Broad Beans

The Dynamics of the Take

Crash! Bang! Pluck

Hen fish taking times

Good Morning Ladies

Survival - running & choice of


Where are they?

Taking radius

Deep Thinking

Cock fish & hormones

Morning Glory


The Annual Miracle

Salmon Characteristics


Windows on the World

Imaging - how and what salmon


Here’s Looking at You

Sensor systems: hearing,

vibration & smell


Sense of Smell

The Importance of Smell

Underwater glare

Blinded by the Light

Sound & Vibration

Speaking Salmon

Flies underwater

Eye of the Beholder

Light in Water

Sparkling Water

Fishing Craft

Reading & fishing a pool

Reading Railway Maps

Reading a pool – the MCX

scoring system

Walking to the Water Part 1

Reading a pool - examples

Walking to the Water Part 2

Choosing fly Size

Hot & cold Running Water

Trying too Hard


Forgetting the Fly


Depth & sink tips

Deep Thinking

Using Google Earth to read


Rod, Reel, Flies & Satellite

My flies

Inside the Box

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Fishing in cold water

Brass Monkeys & Tubes

Fishing tricky pools

Walking to the Water Part 3

Fishing in low water

Calm Reflections

Ambush Tactics & Running Fish

Ambush tactics – Close personal and a little dirty

Spot the Lie

Don’t cast too far

Forget the far bank

Avoiding surprise


Thinking & Analysis


4 Lessons from 2017

Lessons from 2014

Lessons from 2014

Estimating the weight of salmon


Fishing Reports


The Week at Tomatin 2013

The Week

Looking Back – the 2013 Season

Looking Back

Autumn Glory – October Ure

Autumn Glory

Ure Spring 2014

Joys of Spring

Spring on the Dee

Spring on the Dee

Review of 2017

Rutherford (Tweed)

Pearl of the Tweed

Tomatin 2017

Bonny Dee

Hope Expectation and Reality

Walking in the Park (Ure)

Walking & Casting in the Park

Deveron 2015

Top of the Water

Upper Bolton Hall

The Beast of Wensleydale

Swinton Park (Ure)

Helmsdale April 2018

North Tyne Chipchase 2018

Conon 2019

Looking back at 2019

2020 – Covid & Lockdown

2021 – Glad to see you go!

2022 – One week on the Spey

River Ure – Abbey Beat Guide

2024 – One Week on the Tay

2023 – An Extraordinary Year


Norway 2016-17

The Preparations

Just One Week on the Gaula

You Want to Go to Norway?

Too Much of a Good Thing


Rod choice

Springtime – Swallows, Primroses & New Salmon Rods


Half the System – Thinking about Lines

Understanding lines, tips & leaders

Casting in Fog

Rio Grip Running Line

Running Lines & Dog Days

Choosing a Budget Reel

Reel Value

Rod costs

Where the Money Goes

Lamson Guru vs Loop Evotec

Vision Tool 11’ 6” #8

Sage 1 15’ #9/10

The Hero & The Emperor

Vision Hero 13’ 7” #8/9

The Hero & The Emperor

Vision Onki 13’ #8

User review

Vision Tool 13’ #8

User review

Vision XO 13’ 6” #8

Sage Igniter 12’ 6” #7

Vision Hero 13’ 7” #8

Maxcatch Classic #9/10 reel

Maxcatch SkyTouch Spey 15’ #10

Vision MAG 13’

Balancing Rod & Reel

How to find the correct reel weight for your rod

Vision Rulla Reel

The Koma is Dead – Long Live the Rulla

Organisation & Preparation 1

It’s here - the new season

Organisation & Preparation 2

Loading Up

Line Maintenance

D-14 Countdown

Packing & Shopping

D-7 Divine Madness

D-14 Countdown Reprise 10 years later

Wading Jackets 1

The Great Jacket Hunt Chapter 1

Wading Jackets 2

The Great Jacket Hunt Chapter 2

Wading Jackets 3

The Great Jacket Hunt Chapter 3

Budget Wading Jackets


The MCX Shrimp V3

General Posts




How long can this go on?

Water Flow

The Vital (Missing) Ingredient

Water Flow 2

Look Back in Sadness – 2015 Season

Unusually Slow

Amidst Great Joy