Thursday, 13 June 2019

Directory of Posts 1-100

Salmon Behaviour
Taking a fly
Feeding impulses
Fast Food & Broad Beans
The Dynamics of the Take
Crash! Bang! Pluck
Hen fish taking times
Good Morning Ladies
Survival - running & choice of
Where are they?
Taking radius
Deep Thinking
Cock fish & hormones
Morning Glory
The Annual Miracle
Salmon Characteristics
Windows on the World
Imaging - how and what salmon
Here’s Looking at You
Sensor systems: hearing,
vibration & smell
Sense of Smell
The Importance of Smell
Underwater glare
Blinded by the Light
Sound & Vibration
Speaking Salmon
Flies underwater
Eye of the Beholder
Light in Water
Fishing Craft
Reading & fishing a pool
Reading Railway Maps
Reading a pool – the MCX
scoring system
Walking to the Water Part 1
Reading a pool - examples
Walking to the Water Part 2
Choosing fly Size
Hot & cold Running Water
Trying too Hard
Forgetting the Fly
Depth & sink tips
Deep Thinking
Using Google Earth to read
Rod, Reel, Flies & Satellite
My flies
Inside the Box
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Fishing in cold water
Brass Monkeys & Tubes
Fishing tricky pools
Walking to the Water Part 3
Fishing in low water
Calm Reflections
Ambush Tactics & Running Fish
Ambush tactics – Close personal and a little dirty
The Week at Tomatin 2013
The Week
Don’t cast too far
Forget the far bank
Avoiding surprise
Thinking & Analysis
Spot the Lie
Tomatin 2017
Autumn Glory – October Ure
Autumn Glory
Looking Back – the 2013 Season
Looking Back
Spring on the Dee
Spring on the Dee
Lessons from 2014
Lessons from 2014
4 Lessons from 2017
Review of 2017
Rutherford (Tweed)
Pearl of the Tweed
Ure Spring 2014
Joys of Spring
Bonny Dee
Hope Expectation and Reality
Walking in the Park (Ure)
Walking & Casting in the Park
Deveron 2015
Top of the Water
Upper Bolton Hall
The Beast of Wensleydale
Swinton Park (Ure)
Helmsdale April 2018
North Tyne Chipchase 2018

Norway 2016-17
The Preparations
Just One Week on the Gaula
You Want to Go to Norway?
Too Much of a Good Thing
Rod choice
Springtime – Swallows, Primroses & New Salmon Rods
Half the System – Thinking about Lines
Choosing a Budget Reel
Reel Value
Rod costs
Where the Money Goes
Lamson Guru vs Loop Evotec
Head to Head in the Midfield
Vision Tool 11’ 6” #8
Vision Rulla Reel
The Koma is Dead – Long Live the Rulla
Rio Grip Running Line
Running Lines & Dog Days
Vision Onki 13’ #8
User review
Vision Tool 13’ #8
User review
Balancing Rod & Reel
How to find the correct reel weight for your rod

Organisation & Preparation 1
It’s here - the new season
Organisation & Preparation 2
Loading Up
Line Maintenance
D-14 Countdown
Packing & Shopping
D-7 Divine Madness
Vision MAG 13’
Wading Jackets 1
The Great Jacket Hunt Chapter 1
Wading Jackets 2
The Great Jacket Hunt Chapter 2
Wading Jackets 3
The Great Jacket Hunt Chapter 3
Budget Wading Jackets

The MCX Shrimp V3
General Posts
How long can this go on?
Water Flow
The Vital (Missing) Ingredient
Water Flow 2
Look Back in Sadness – 2015 Season
Unusually Slow
Amidst Great Joy

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